Wireless Media transfer...any good ?

I just saw an ad today for a LG Wireless Media transfer kit selling for $200 from a big box store . It claims to be able to send Cable/satellite programing , Blue-ray player , gaming system , HD 1080p and more , wirelessly to your LED tv ! No chords and no clutter .

Does anyone know if this is any good and have any real world experience with this type of transfer ?
Are there other companies doing this as well ?

Thank You
Wow...nobody knows anything about this ?
I use a roku XPS box (roku.com) via HDMI to my receiver HDM in and get clear reception from router in other side of house.


I use Netflix, pandora ect....
Its wireless except that I chose to hook it up to my sound system via the Roku xps box $99.00
Hope this helps some.

Not sure about the LG box you mentionned.
Thanks for the response .
I was interested in the signal coming from a cable box and a blueray player . The Roku is streaming via the internet . Same principle , I guess , but different sources . I was particularlly intrigued by the lack of having to run cables to the tv from my sources .