Wireless In Ceiling Speakers?

Does such an animal exist? I know if they do they will not be a quality sounding speaker but I really have no other option. Does anyone have suggestions other than not to use them?
Wireless speakers are definately not good sounding. Think of a Cordless Phone amplified...bad news... Now if you need speakers for a rear setup in a ht system, then in ceiling or wall is an alternative... you will need to have them wired though. If you are looking for simple second room sound, background music etc.. then on the non-audiophile end...wireless speakers would do the job... but not knock anyones socks off. To answer your origional question... does a wireless speaker exist... I dont know... Try Niles or Boston Acoustic... Niles makes quite a bit of in wall and custom application products... they might have something for you.. Sorry for the long winded approach, but wireless is usually useless...
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There is no such thing as a wireless speaker, whether it is in the ceiling or on the floor. They may not have a speaker wire, but they have to be plugged into a wall outlet. This is because "wireless speakers" have their own amplifiers, and could not make sound without one. This amplifier needs a power cord, even though the music signal is transmitted through the air. This means that you will have to have a power outlet inside the ceiling to plug the "wireless ceiling speakers" into. Since no electrical codes allow this, an electrician will be required to install a hard wired junction box inside the ceiling and hard-wire your "wireless speakers" into the junction box, for power. That's assuming that there are even any power wires up there in the ceiling where you want to put the speakers.

If you truly have no other options, then you probably are out of options altogether now.

I suggest hiring an alarm installer to "fish" the speaker wires through the walls to the spot where you want the speakers. Alarm installers are very adept at getting small wires into seemingly impossible locations.