Wireless headphones for tv watching

When listening to my system my girlfriend will watch tv upstairs, unfortunetly the rooms are stacked and this can lead to a volume face off. I would like to purchase a set of wireless headphones for her to use when I listen so we don't interfere with each others activites. I have sifted through the forums but the recommendations are from a few years ago. If anyone could recommend a reasonably priced solution I would really appreciate it.

I have a set of wired headphones laying around but running interconnects to a headphone amp would be difficult. Maybe a wireless transmitter and a cheap amp would work better than wireless headphones by themselves? Any input would be appreciated.

Thanks everyone.
Sony MDR-RF925RK. My wife has used these over the ear wireless headphones for a number of years for the same reason (watching TV while I enjoy my music). They turn on automatically when placed on one's head and hook up with either RCA cables or a small pin plug to the source. I hook them up to the rca audio out on my cable box.
Thank you for your input. I will throw these into the "considered" mix. They appear to be a model that has been around awhile, it seems that Sony and Sennheiser are recommended choices at this moment.