Wireless headphones for my Ipod

anybody using them? Sound quality? Interested mostly for running, yard work, the like... thanks in advance, warren :)
well guys, I found them. Expensive, but a 30 day money back guarantee. $180 designed with the Nano and its' brothers in mind. I'll keep you posted...warren :)
I found 2 but own 0. Here's a review to one:
on Audioholics
The other was the logitech. Reported to be heavy and uncomfortable.

Which ones did you get? They sound less than ideal if you want decent sound. I'll be curious what your findings are.
Muffs MB210. I spoke to them and Apple is going to be selling them on their website. So he says. Less than ideal? I'm running with them. I'm into the tunes and no wires. After 50 miles I'll let you know. Sitting on the beach? May not do it...I don't believe the headphones on that website are designed to work with the Nano. Am I missing it? The Nano, due to the size, has a very unique (not universal) requirement for the receiver hookup.
I use an ipod in the gym and airplane, so the wires are less of an issue for me. Wireless would be slightly better in the gym--but not a huge benefit. I'll look forward to the 50 mile update.
wireless-Logitech--did not fit my Nano. This is after I emailed them asking if the headphones will work with the Nano. Looks like I may have to spring for the pricey ones. Got to do some more homework...I'll keep you posted..

warren :)