Wireless Headphones?

Are there any decent 900 mhz wireless cans on the market? I use Sennheiser 600's when I travel, I'm thinking about getting a wireless set for my bedroom system. No idea whether Grado, Sennheiser, Beyer etc... make decent quality wireless 'phones at a reasonable price. Any and all feedback would be appreciated. Thanks, Jeff
Umm.. wireless headphones and sound quality don't mix well. Grado doesn't and I don't think beyer make wireless. Senn does make some "decent" wireless though. The IS850 is $1400 and is equivilent to an HD-580 and it has a very limited range. I have heard the senn RS-6 and RS-8. If you go this route get the RS-8, it sounds alot better than the RS-6 in my opinion. check out this: http://www.headphone.com/ProductsHeadphones/SennheiserRS8.asp They are $229 through headroom AKG also makes something called the Hearo line w/ numbers like 777and ?? I have heard good things about these, you might want to look into that. Well hope I helped a little. Peace, Clifton
Thanks for the feedback, the Senn RS-8's sound about right for what I'm looking to spend. I've bought stuff from Headroom, they're great to deal with, if you don't like what you bought, you can exchange it for something else (I ought some Ety's, tried 'em, swapped for the Senn 600's. I know wireless won't equal wired cans, but I'm hoping I can get acceptable sound for the sake of convienence. I tell ya, drifting off to my wife watching sitcoms or Regis asking "is this your final answer?" drives me crazy, clamping some cans on me should alleviate this unwarranted form of cruel spousal abuse. Thanks, Jeff