Wireless Computer Speakers

Was looking for some decent wireless computer speakers, preferably surround sound. Any recommendations??
Audio Engine and Kanto speakers can be made wireless with an Apple Express plugged in; both have great sound for the dollar.
wireless is pretty much a misnomer, I have only seem one or two systems that actually don't have wires to the speakers (The one iPod dock I've seen they speakers rest on chargers when not in use) so you still have a power cord to the speaker.....
Hear B&W is even getting into game.Yamaha has had whole system for a while.But as was said A/C is required.I am getting a pair of self amped Quad 11 speakers since none can relive you from A/C.Most of what I have heard from cheaper computer speakers are just OK.Look at recommendations on CNET and if you can go wired if not won't provide same fidelity (Though I wish it weren't so I am running out of RCA and mini plugs everywhere and my A/C strips look like a arsonists wet dream).
Thanks, that's my issue- too many wires and ac adapters. I'd like to cut down the clutter and fire hazards!