Wired or wireless duet?

Son seems to believe that wireless will be just as good given that there is no interference. Have read a lot and it seems there are supporters for both sides. Would like to hear opinions and experiences.
If you really are in a place where there aren't any sources of interference and the devices are within range of each other the wireless should work great.

I've tried an Airport Express both ways and there was only one problem with going wireless, when I turned on the microwave in the kitchen, the music stopped. I hardwired it to avoid that, even though it was only an occasional problem.
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Thanks! Just wanted to hear from others that went wireless. May as well give it a try. Can always wire if necessary.

my wired squeezebox has NEVER had a drop out. i find it interesting that you'd base your decision to go wireless on 100% testimony that wireless does drop out. to each his own i suppose.
My wireless SB2 has never had a drop out. A lot of things can affect wireless in your home: distance from router to SB, cordless phones, construction of house, proximity to a microwave, manufacturer of router, proximity to other wireless networks (apartment complexes).

My SB2 is about 20 feet from my wireless router. I use a wifi friendly DECT 6.0 cordless phone and the kitchen is on the lower floor. I can see about 6 wifi routers in my housing subdivision, but I've had no problems with interference. My wifi router is a Belkin, with dual antennas, that is about three years old. I keep thinking about replacing it, but if it isn’t broke then why fix it. One final note; I have 14 wireless devices in located throughout my home (laptops, Tivo's, SB's) and none of them have had any problems with dropouts.
BTW, my Duet has never had a dropout either.
Thanks for the response. Glad your having such success with your wired system. Don't really understand your other comment.
"i find it interesting that you'd base your decision to go wireless on 100% testimony that wireless does drop out"

Only said I would give it a try. Thought of getting in the attic with outside temp hovering around 100 and attic temp probably at or above 130 wasn't very appealing. For now I can "give it a try". When things cool a bit and if I am experiencing any problem I will wire thus
"Can always wire if necessary".
Might have thought about asking why I made the decision to "try"
To each his own I suppose.

i understand all too well about the attic heat. these south alabama summers are killers.

in my experience, i've never seen a wireless setup that operated 100% of the time. it's already so hard for me to find time to listen to music and really get into it, that the thought of a wireless dropout disgusts me.

i apologize for the shortness of my previous post. i was in a foul mood last night when i posted it. good luck with whatever you try.
No problem. Really do appreciate your opinion on wired and will get there eventually.
For now trying to get my head around the basics. Setup went fine (son) but am not getting my albums to list on the duet. have to go to new music to see the albums on my hd. It does show one album when I select "album" but the other 8 or ten only show in "new music". Any ideas?
It does seem to me that the documentation with Squeezebox leaves a lot to be desired.
Thanks again
i use a squeezebox 3 so i'm unfamiliar with the duet interface. if all your music isn't showing up, i suppose you should try to rescan your library. perhaps somebody with duet experience will chime in.
Thanks. I'll try it.