Wire type for dedicated lines.??

I am planning to add dedicated lines for my audio equipment. What type of wiring do I need. Any particular brand, wire size, stranded or non-stranded. Help!!! Should I make 3 separate dedicated lines for: 1) amp 2) pre-amp 3) digital
Yes, on three dedicated lines. If you have analog in your system, put the digital on one side of the (2) 120V supply lines to your home, and the analog on the other feed. The brand of standard sheath clad copper wiring does not matter as much as the gauge and installation procudure. All connections need to be as tight as possible, short of damage to the fitting. Square D actually has a torque rating for the ideal pressure for the connections in their box. I used a torque wrench from an auto supply store to be sure the connections were to the manufacturers specifications. I also wiped the copper clean with a soft cotton cloth, and treated it with an oxidation guard. The one the electricians usually use is Oxguard, but I prefer the copper suspension formula Cramalin paste. On gauge, I have mixed reports, some say that 12 or 10 gauge is plenty, some say 8 gauge is better. My system is all 12 and 10, and I have not tried the 8 gauge as a run. Another variable here is the quality of "all" possible available AC cable to use. I know that Audioquest and others have premium versions of AC cable available as an alternative to the standard electrical supply variety. I must confess that I went with Romex brand, an old established manufacturer of wire. Perhaps other Audiogon members have sprung for the premium version and made a direct comparison with similar gauge standard wire, and can report on this. The last point to cover has been mentioned over and over in other posts, the direction of the wire when installing. Again, I confess I have not experimented with this, but do not doubt that the wire structure has a grain or preference in its structure that can be heard. I suspect the only way to know is buy an entire roll of wire, test a piece for direction, and then mark the direction on the spool. I would not like to have to explain this procedure to the installing electrician.
Yes seperate runs for each component.Hubbel Hospital grade outlets.Gauge can be 10 or 14.The cable should be high quality copper teflon dialectric.each conductor should be shielded and an overall shield.Pirelli make some good wire..Dont spend Big $ for one of the Audio cable Company wire.They just use someone elses and mark it up.If you can put in a fourth line.That way if you go Monoblocks you can have each one in a seperate line.A fifth one if you want to add a turntable.
If you want the best try storm products 1800-94-storm. Part # 1180-10-37/26. Its 10 guage silver plated teflon coated wire. Its the best Ive tried. It whats used in the Powersnakes. $1.08 per foot. John
John, where may one purchase the storm products wire you mention. I live on the Canadian border in Vermont with no local dealer! Thanks. Jim
Jim, I bought my wire direct from storm. It was mailed ups. A took a few week to order. They also have a web site. www.stormproducts.com with various locations. John