wire shielding

i want buy some wire to make interconnect cable.
do anyone know what are difference between silk ;teflon and PVC cover of wire? thanks
I am wrestling with the same questions and issues, so I will pass on what I have learned so far. Teflon is a great dialectric so it helps the capacitance-read that the signal passes through cleaner. It is better than PVC. Silk and cotton may work for surrounding the wire with air, and may shield the wire from physical effects of noise with movement. I am thinking of the following recipe for interconnects: a core of teflon, crossing wrap with silver wire for the leads, copper or aluminum shield, drain wire connected to the mesh at the source end and finished with a mesh to look nice, heat shrink on the ends, and WBT connectors. Let me know what you are planning to do and we can compare notes. It might be fun. We could even swap interconnects and test them in each of our systems. Who knows, at the prices the companies get for interconnects, we may be in business!!
I am also experimenting.No inner core cloth is best.I run mine with nothing but the air in the teflon.IMO little is best for this application.I have had interesting results thus far.My home made cable is very,very transparent,But I'm still working on the shielding aspect of it.I can't get it to work as a phono cable yet.To much RFI issues.As a basic IC Line level I think I have it just about on target.