Wingate 4000A

Does anyone know of this manufacturer or heard the amplifier? 4000A is for sale and I would be interested in your knowledge.
This was supposedly a Class A amp that was rated at 200 @ 8 and 400 @ 4. I know the specs were very good on it, but never heard one. Out of curiosity, where did you see it and what were they asking ? Sean
I think Sean is right. I seem to recall a reasonably favorable review by Dick Olsher in 1987 or 88 in S-phile, and/or a review in TAS as well around that time. I'll have to check the back issues. Didn't recall the 4000A designation in the reviews, though.
Check out seller NICKYMAN on e-bay he has one for sale and it's a nice piece.Just the amp youre looking for.Good luck
Vayasteve, nothing shows up under "Wingate" doing a search on Ebay in the electronics section nor does "nickyman" have one for sale. Did someone "buy it now" once you posted this info or were you thinking of another amp ? Sean