Winds of War and Peace Wilson Audio WCD 8823

I have been searching for the above CD, which I believe is out of print. I also understand that it has since been remastered in a Zeonex, Gold CD version.

Could someone direct me to a source that might sell it whether new or second hand)?

Many thanks.
If no one else can help, send me a private e-mail on Monday, I'll see what I can do about copying my copy (I tend to like the other one in the series better, maybe I'll just let you have mine).
I have a copy of this cd at home, the limited gold disc pressing EX/NM, which i would not sell now for less than 100$.
Hello Rcprince!
I hope You still use this page and still have this cd. I really interested in a copy of it, if there is a possibility.
If yes, please let me know how can I get it from You. Many thanks!
Sorry, I believe I gave it to the OP (or someone in the UK, as I recall). Did not keep a copy that I can find.
Hello Rcprince. I have another question. Don't you please remember to whom you sold the cd? Maybe I can contact with that person and ask for a copy. Or maybe you still have the e-mail of Nchong, maybe he could get the cd and still has it. I hope i don't bother you with this, but it's really important. Thank you.
I believe it was the person (Nchong) who did the original post in the thread. You might want to try to contact him through the Audiogon system, if he is still on it (just click on his name, there's a way to email him).

I will try to see if I can find any of the old emails from 2003, but my home email archives are not very good so I don't hold out too much hope there. I'll also see if I have the vinyl, but I think I only got the other Wilson band record, not this one.