Windows Vista 64bit- 24-bit/96kHz Help

I am looking for a solution that will allow me to listen to 24-bit/96kHz and other music files stored on my Window Vista PC through my Naim Supernait. Here are the particulars. Please help this first time poster! I can't seem to find a USB to Toslink or S/PDIF adapter that supports a Vista 64 bit operating system.

OS- Windows Vista Home Premium Svc Pk 1.

Available Outputs from PC- IS 400 Firewire, USB 2.0, and eSATA

Available Inputs on Supernait- S/PDIF and Toslink
Use a program like Media Monkey and it will play almost any thing and all the new HD formats too. There are other programs thast will do the same thing. And you can use a USB DAC and run it to your preamp. I'm fortunate that I have a coax jack ont he back of my PC. I will be using Media Monkey. MM is a free download. Go to It's as simple as that. Scott Nixon makes both tube and solid state USB DAC's I believe. The prices are reasonable. There are other DAC's out there that do the same thing but I cannot attest to it's sound. I have a Scott Nixon Tube DAC and I will be using it. Mine is not the USB type but standard Coax from my pc to the DAC and to my preamp. And I will be in business.
Thats odd ... I'm running Windows 7 64 bit and it found my sound card without a driver ... it seems to see everything. I am running it straight to my Levinson 360S via coax and I can adjust the oversampling in the properties of the sound card. I was planning on a straight USB to S/PDIF solution over a soundcard to beat the dreaded kernal mixer hashing of the rip ... the search for the perfect rip.

The USB to S/PDIF gizmos should work but 64 bit drivers might be a bit difficult. There are several listed that support VISTA so a quick email to tech support might answer the ultimate question. My guess is you can find one under $200 that will detect and install PnP without a driver.

Good luck ... I will keep my eye on this post as I too am on the hunt for a USB to S/PDIF device that works with a Windows 64 bit OS.

My goal is to bypass the kmixer and run straight to the Levinson 360S but I want the ability to adjust the sampling rate from the USB gizmo to the DAC. I am currently at 3000+ full CDs ripped and counting. I expect to cross the 2 TB threshold within a couple months.
Are you sure you don't have a digital out? I have four computers and everyone has digital outs. Even the old Sony has them. It may be a mini plug.
I found the Cakewalk UA-25EX and it does just what I'm looking for and it works great for Windows Vista 64-bit. I have the USB cable from my laptop pluging in to the UA-25EX, from there I have a digital toslink running into my Naim Supernait. The sound is CD quality. I have not downloaded any hi-resolution 24/96 music yet, but I know this device will support it. Thanks for the replies.