windows media player questions

is the new version of this genuinely high resolution - such that I will lose nothing when I rip from CD's
As long as you're using a lossless codec you should be fine. Why not try a little experiment and rip to a lossless format yourself? Then play it back, A-B'ing it against the original file.

I am quite satisifed with FLAC, and I can hear no difference between that and the original WAV file. Give it a try and report back to us what you hear...

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Does Window Media Player natively support FLAC? Or do you have to do some weird workaround?

I have been experimenting w/FLAC rips using WinAmp and am so far quite satisfied, especially since the player is a freebie.

Next step will be to run a coax from confuser to the D/A section of my CA 840c and check it out.
Yes there is a Flac plugin or codec for WMP. You can Google it.