Windows Media Player Issues

Hi Guys,

I am currently using my laptop with a USB dac feeding into my hifi. The sonic results so far are very encouraging but I am having issue with WMP 11 with Windows Vista.

I have burned all my CDs on the hard drive using the WMP 11 in the wav format. I am connecting to a USB DAC to listen to my library. The problem I have is that almost all of the songs have a glitch/pop around the 1 minute mark. I am sure there is nothing wrong with the ripping because a) not all songs can have the same problem in about 225 CDs b) the same songs play without any issue on foobar on the same PC c) the same songs if I play them again, by clicking the previous track button, in the WMP do not make the same pop. Any ideas?

BTW this leads me to my next question. Is there any other software that has a better (sexier) and user friendly interface. Foobar is ok but the interface is horrible. I don't mind spending on software if it can give me all the functionality (or maybe better) than WMP 11 without any of the issues.

One word.. J.River media center..well actually three words. ;-)
Tried the free version of the software and after importing my library is all screwed up. The albums have all lost their names for some reason and almost all of them are showing multiple times in the album view. Maybe I don't know how to use the program.

Going through the ripping process again is a big no no.

BTW is there anyone using media monkey?