Windows Media Player

Happy weekend Agoner's! ! ! Is it possible to get a good rip and burn out of windows media player 11? My Rotel cd player will not play WMA lossless and I'm trying to figure out if there's anything I can do to make a decent copy. I just did a rip with wma and burned it at the slowest burn speed and then did a comparison with the original, and there wasn't much comparison. I made my wife and son sit through the test and once I put the original in, it was hands down a very noticeable difference. I'm doing these tests with cheapo Memorex CD-R's because I don't want to turn my Song Music CD-R's into coasters. Would anyone know if it would sound better with the Sony CD-R's?

Sorry to ask these questions. I'm a rookie at this because I always hated burned CD's and honestly think they're only good for your vehicle. My wife bought me a $40 used CD and she would like me to burn it and play the burned version because it's hard to find this CD for under $100. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Try Roxio software. Works well, better than WMP.
A bit off topic, one thing I have noticed with 3rd party burnware is that when your close to the 80 minute limit, Nero which is what I have, will not burn it but WMP will.
Exact Audio Copy appears to be the best. Often available for free.

Use Exact Audio Copy (EAC) to rip the CD and create a cue sheet. Then just burn a CDR with EAC using the cue sheet. You will have an exact bit for bit copy of the original. You can download EAC free from their website. Windows Media Player is worthless for burning CDRs.
Thanks everyone. I guess I didn't think the software could make that much of a difference. I'll check out Exact Audio Copy and if that doesn't make me happy, I'll try out Roxio. Has anyone tried the Sony Music CD-R's?
Taiyo Yuden, soon to be JVC is the way to go for CDRs. The Sony's are good.
You can use different software for ripping, i have been using the media player but the quality is below average. The Express Rip CD Ripper is a good app, i reccomend it. And yes, the sony music cdr's are god for music.