Windows 7 + Tidal upgrade

With the latest Tidal upgrade (end of September), it appears that my keyboard lost some functionality. I have a dedicated Windows 7 laptop wired via USB to my rig. I’m using the Tidal windows app, not the Chrome browser. Sounds great! I’m using a Surface RT as a remote control via Remote Desktop. Works great! The only tweak needed is to magnify the screen via Control, +. Tidal remembered the same magnification settings each time I logged back in. With the latest Tidal upgrade, Tidal doesn’t remember the magnification settings. What’s more strange, is that I need to press Control, Shift, + for the screen to magnify. Yet, only Control, - for the screen to reduce. When I click on a different artist, the screen automatically returns back to the smallest font size. Very frustrating. With the same configuration using my browser, any other website responds to magnification via the Control,+ and Control, - keys.

This issue is the same even when I operate the dedicated Windows 7 laptop directly - not via the Surface RT. With my desktop Windows 10 (not connected to my rig), the magnification works perfectly with Tidal via the Control, + and Control, - keys. Is it possible to return to the previous Tidal version? Any suggestions?
If you are talking about the latest upgrade 2.6.1 there is a problem with the upgrade on Windows. The Bluesound folks are aware of it and working on it. If you go to the Bluesound forum you will find the info you need