Windows 7 or 8 64 bit for music only

internet radio, ripping cd, download music
Quicksilver 90 watt monos, MF M1 A dac, Theta Miles as transport, Quicksilver LS preamp, Fritz LS 5/R speakers
Windoze is for chumps
Notec... I only used Windows (not Mac mini) in prison (killed a guy in a bar fight)... did you call me a chump ?
with digital, newest/latest and greatest is usually the best option. same with windows. i use win 7 not 8 yet.
If you go with 8.1, download and install a free program called Classic Shell. It puts a start button on desktop view. With that in place, you will be able to use OS.
Consider Windows Server 2012, which is server version of Win 8. WS2012 plus the Optimizer results in an outstanding improvement. The interface of WS is just like Windows.

Check out and the jplay forum within the computer audio section.
Note: I don't run JPlay ( for now); just WS+Optimizer+JRiver.
Depends on driver availability. If you are planning on using a USB DAC and USB 2.0 driver is needed.

All window version requires additional USB 2.0 driver. Apple OS does support USB 2.0.

If you are planning on using a Co-ax output, might need to make sure ground is good on the PC. The alternative is to use Toslink (optical connection).

Lastly, the playback software makes a big factor as well. I have multiple apple I-device so I just use iTune. Does not support ASIO. If you don't need iTune, I would suggest something that supports ASIO to bypass Windows sound mixer all together.