Window shoppers!! I hate them!!

Now that I got your attention LOL, what are your guys take on this. About 95% of messages about something for sale is always a waste and as soon as it’s time to send money it’s a quick not interested anymore vibe.

do people window shop online with actually no thought of buying? I truly think it’s an endorphin thing where it makes them feel good to reach out about buying but know that they won’t buy anything. So there kicks are at the sellers expect and a waste of time.

if someone asks about an item I quickly answer with an added way of how to pay so there is no back and forth. I’ve experienced that really weeds out the buyers from the wasters.
And yes the title of this discussion is meant for a click to have people interested in this topic! I’m definitely not mad or easily angered with this. Just thought it was a fun topic to talk about and I absolutely don’t hate anyone! 
I’m the type of person where I have a hard time going to audio shops just to look at stuff without the intention to buying. If they let me jam music for a bit I at least walk out with a record or other cheap item. 
It’s fun to window shop if I’m actually trying to buy something. I just don’t understand when people send an offer and when I say yes, they then don’t pay. If I’m haggling a price I’m pretty dead set on buying if my offer is accepted.

Probably not the greatest thread to start. If I could deleted I would. Oh well. Maybe I’ll figure out a better positive thread I can start next time lol
Really?  At a time like this??

LoL, j/k!

i know what you mean.  I’ll get people asking me this, that, how Nora Jones sounds on these compared to those.  Some don’t mind a full, well thought out comparison between what you are selling and what you’ve had comparable in the past 20 years... I look at it as part of the fun of the hobby.  Also, sometimes people are really considering buying but are comparing multiple options.

And then you get the buyer that asks zero questions, buys what you are selling, then e-mails you to Thank You and let you know how excited they are.  They then send pics of their set-up with the newly purchased item!

But yeah, maybe window shopping is what people do before buying.  When I’m spending $1000 on something, I become obsessive with the reviews, comparisons and available options at the time
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