Window acoustic treatment...

Unfortunately, I'm welded into a listening position that is against a wall that has an 8+ foot wide window directly behind my seat. At the moment, I've just got sheers up for some privacy, but have some good heavy curtains to put up and was probably going to add some blackout liners. Any better ideas? I could just wall it off with fire batt, but my idea to paint welcome on the backside (it's the front porch window) was explained to me as being the fastest way to never get laid again by you know who. Just don't know if there's a more elegant way of dealing with this as I just made a decent system upgrade and want to get the most out of it.
Thanks in advance.
I had a similar situation in my previous home. I used Half Round Tube Traps lined up across the wall to kill the reflection. You can add pleated shades to the sheers you already have, but heavy drapes will be your best bet.
Rrog has a good idea. First, get some decent looking flat curtains and mount them up against the glass. Then, go to your local insulation distributor and buy (or special order) 12" or 16" or 10" pressed fiberglass pipe insulation sleeves. Bring them home, cut them into half rounds, wrap them in acoustically transparent cloth, and stuff them in your window. Better yet, you could try abfussion - a combination of absorption and diffusion. I think there are some commercial products available. But my approach is cheap!
Do you guys have any experience with the acoustic benefits of "cellular" or "honeycomb" insulated window shades?