Windfield Cartridge

Anyone have a viewpoint on this one?
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Thanks for the reply Benjie, glad you are enjoying the Windfeld. It is on my short list along with Transfiguration Proteus when I spring for a new cartridge.
Pops, The Winfeld is superior to the Jubilee which was one of my favorite Ortofons. It has more body, its more dynamic and most importantly more natural sounding than the Jubilee. But they share a common family sound signature.


Disclaimer- Ortofon dealer
Thanks David, I have many years of enjoyment with the Jubilee, once I work out a couple of system changes the cartridge will be next. I have used the jubilee almost a lifetime in audiophile years!
It's hard to say what a cartridge will sound like in an unfamiliar system.
Plus the fact that although we all enjoy music our bias' are different.
So,keeping that in mind I find the Windeld to be the most enjoyable cartridge that I have owned.And thats 40 plus years of analog.
Again, this is with my ears and in my system