Windfield Cartridge

Anyone have a viewpoint on this one?
I have the Windfield and the A-90. Set up correctly, they are excellent. I use them on my Avid Volvere TT with origin Illustrious tonearm and it is a spectacular paring. I know for a fact that I have much more than 1200 hours on both carts and have never had a problem
Wasn't there an issue regarding the ability or willingness of Ortofon to re-tip the A90 with an OEM type stylus? Did they run out of Replicant 100 styli?
Never heard of or came across the 1200 hour problem mentioned above with either cartridges.


Disclaimer- Ortofon dealer
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Thanks Benjie.....that's just the information I was looking for....just inquisitive....what's your system?