Windfield Cartridge

Anyone have a viewpoint on this one?
Do you refer to the Ortofon of that name?
If so, I own an MC7500, father to the Windfield which is father to the A90 which is father to the Anna (or maybe I missed one in this lineage). The MC7500 is a very neutral cartridge that I like very much.
Stringreen, not sure what you specifically want to know, the Winfeld is a
very musical, detailed and natural at the same time. Certainly among
Ortofon's best and one of the top modern cartrigdes. It's also relatively
affordable for a highend cartridge by today's standards.

I realize that writing here might look like a sales pitch, but that's the truth
about the Winfeld.


Disclaimer- Ortofon dealer
Thanks Dkarmeli......VPI recommended this cartridge to me (I now have a Benz LPS which I've had for awhile and am looking for a replacement). I have been looking at an Atlas or Etna, but VPI said in the real world this Ortofon is a great cartridge.
I own the Ortofon A90. Great cartridge indeed, however with one proviso.

The replicant 100 stylus, which is also on the Winfeld has an extreme profile and mine barely lasted 1200 hours. That get expensive if you want to rebuild.

My Dynavector and Lyra cartridges with their micro line last at least 2-3 times longer.

Even thou I really like the A90, I will never buy another carttidge with replicant 100 stylus.