WinAmp as Music Server software

This is my current system:

Dell Studio PC with around 5.5 terabytes of storage
Running Winamp as the music server software
USB output from the PC to a Benchmark DAC 1 USB via a cheap non-descript cable
DAC to amplifier via Reality Cables balanced mode
Amplifier is a Spectron Musician III Mark II with Bybee, V-Cap and Tuning fuses upgrade
Amplifier to speakers via Reality Cables - about to switch these out for homemade Spectron sense cables to see if this is an improvement.
Speakers GR Research LS9
Room heavily treated with acoustic panels at key reflection points.
I want to get the most out of this configuration and I want to start with the music server software package to make sure it is the best I can get. My goals are pretty basic, I want the server software run on my PC, have a balance function, be as neutral as possible and be relatively inexpensive. So is the Winamp as good as it gets for this first step or are their sonically better?
Winamp is pretty good if you use ASIO to connect it to the Benchmark. With Windows 7 comes the WASAPI interface. This allows exclusive control of the audio device natively without kmixer latency issues. There are a few programs that do this but J River Media Center is my favorite. It has a WASAPI event style option that let's the DAC / sound card control the flow of data, will stream the files straight from memory (RAM is fast and this helps even more with jitter / latency issues), has great output / up sampling options, plays everything, and is incredibly customizable. Foobar is another good option. The last time I used Winamp it didn't offer WASAPI event style. ASIO can always be used but in my opinion doesn't allow as much fine tuning and ultimately falls short of J River and Foobar.