win7 music player

I'm using JRiver and recording in flac for my music player. The sound is excellent, but I find it very clumsy compared to itunes running on a mac. Is there a way to use itunes, keeping my flac recordings, on the win7 computer and still get excellent sound? If not, is there a win7 music player that sounds good and has the elegance of itunes? Thanks. -Howard
iTunes dosen't support FLAC. I don't like JRiver either. Like you said, it sounds good but its not fun to use.

Heres a list of some free players you can download and try. Clementine, Songbird, Amarok, Foobar, Quod Libet, Banshee. I'm pretty sure that they all have a Windows versions.
I know I'll get whacked for saying this but WMP is really easy to use, sounds good (I ripped cd's in WAV) and that's it. I had problems with DB Poweramp in arranging the cd's, as it instead jumbled everything together. I won't argue that WMP is the best sound you can get. But the comparision of sound quality between a rip with DB or WMP wasn't huge to me and I have a pretty good system. I also play the music using WMP thru my Marantz SA 8400 DAC and it sounds really good. If both good sound and ease of use are important this works.

I'm not sure what you mean by jumbled everything together. If you mean that you get 1 big file instead of a seperate file for each individual song, I suggest that you try a very small free program called Medieval Cue Splitter. I find it to be an extremely useful tool.
Foobar its a powerful player, with proper customization it looks great.
I agree with Singleendedsingle. The amount of customization that Foobar allows is very impressive. No other player I've ever seen can come close to Foobar in this regard. Unfortunately for me, though, I can't use Foobar. I don't like Windows and its not available for any other OS. If I did use Windows it would be my player of choice.