Win a power cord.

Hey, we are having a contest. A little fun that started out as a joke but I thought I would share it with the Audiogon crowd. We build a cable to support our charity (see link: and click on "New Stories") Anyway, we have run into a problem in that we don't have a name for the power cord that we sell. I came up with the brilliant idea of having a contest where people could offer suggestions. Winner (decided by me) gets a free 6ft Power Cable. Maybe 70242.241 could win a power cord and see the light! Anyway... all proceeds for the sale of cords go to benefit our charity. See following link:

Come on... pitch in this could be fun.

why not name it "heroic."? it describes your efforts succintly and honestly.
sorry for the typo: "succinctly"
How about naming your best cord (with the best plugs) "Krazy Kord" and a budget cord "Ignatz".
How about the "Power Chord".
Kevin: On a more serious note, would you be willing to make up "extension" cords (12' to 24') based on the BC power cord design, or would the increase in length mess up the sound? I might also need a longer PC (12') for the amp. I am moving my gear to a closet (except the speakers) and am considering using extension cords instead of running new lines. Though this is all slightly off topic I wonder if others might be interested in quality extension cords as well, so I am putting it out in the open.
Cornfedboy: Thank you very much. I really am not some sort of hero. I rather enjoy making power cords and the Adoption Fund just helps me justify my hours of tweaking audio stuff. :) Anyway, I wise man once said, "Those who only seak self-fulfillment, never find it."

Dekay: Good idea but we only have one type of plug. All of our cords are both the "budget cord" and top of the line!
Reason we have only one type of plug? Well, I found one that works well and see no reason to mess with something that works.

Thanks everyone... keep them coming!
Call it "Charity" - the charity cord
Kevin, it sounds like you've found a creative way to help fund a good cause. I've traveled through Guatemala and have seen first-hand the staggering poverty that exists there. Thank you for taking initiative to help out and spread some of the wealth. Given the nature of your cause, why not call your new DIY power cord the "M-power" cord (or alternatively, the "Empower" or "Impower" cord)? This would be suggestive of the fact that it helps to empower the less fortunate as well as empowering hi-fi gear. Here's a definition from Webster: "Empower - 1. To give legal or moral power or authority to; to authorize, either by law, commission, letter of attorney, natural right, or verbal license;... 2. To give physical power or force to; to enable." Seems fitting since what you're doing is working to convey some moral power, as well as developing a product designed to enable electronic gear. A subsequent cord model could be the "N-power." Don (FYI, I couldn't find the "New Stories" link you referred to above, so I accessed your website via
Kidz Kord
how about MISSION CHORD,but most important is the reason behind these p/c's,you've learned well from that wise man and so should we all,best to you and yours,Al
Care Cords or I4U Power
seak = seek
Hi Kev. How about Birdsong as a cable name?
You're first was the bout the Bullwinkle? Or the Bullwinkle? Mighty Mouse?
Actually we are replacing the "UnderDog" name. Bob Crump who designed the cable didn't like it. Plus we were afraid Time Warner would consider it copyright infringement!
Come on Kevin, it's so damn easy, 70242.241
How about " The Cheap Link"
How about "The Hawaii Cord" - I live in Ohio by the way.

thanks, ewe can yust send me the cord now. the *power* cord, that is... :>) email me off-forum for my home address.

thank you, doug ;~)

How about called it "In-need" = In need, cause charity, right?
"David", for those with a biblical frame of mind. It does slay other cords with giant prices, does it not?
"Deliverance", or you could name it "The Shocker" and through in a pair of rubber gloves with it.
Or, for a more obscure reference to the same idea, "The Sling". If fairy tales are more your thing, You might try, "Jack, the Giant Killer".

To take an entirely different tack, more from modern American mythology, you might consider naming it "The Bootstrap"

Another option might be "The Lifeline", for it will certainly be one for the child you adopt, and any additional children helped by any excess sales.
How about P.C.S. as in Power Current Sleuth,
no just kidding aside. "Arterial" power cord is really my suggestion.
Kevin, I figured 70242.241 might be hard to say so I'm changing mine to The Savior model #70242.241
(adaption of an above idea)

"The Power Seeker"
How about the "BC Reference 20" Designating his reference 20 y.o. benchmark design.
Well, the name is going to be "The Asylum Cable". The winner was actually posted from the Audio Asylum forum but after thinking about it, I didn't think it would be fair to not pick a winner from Audiogon also. The winner for this forum is David99 for his "Adopta-Cord" entry.

Thank you all so much for your kind comments and participation. The Audiogon forum is one of the first places I came when I started really getting involved in audio. It has been a joy being a part of the community and althought there are always hecklers present, they don't detract from the good people that this hobby seems to attract.

God Bless all of you.

Kevin Haskins
Being this is a charity, how about "The Lord's Chord"?
Kevin,thank you very much and keep up the great charity work.I have a special place in my heart for children also.One of the reasons I chose a nursing career was to help sick children.Children are the only people I have known that have true unconditional love.Your cord will be used with pride on my Rogue 99 outboard power supply.Thanks again!!
Kev, no connection to your noble efforts but what about "Da Cord". If it's good enough for buses in Hawaii...
P.S. The buses are called "Da Bus", not "Da Cord". Don't want to be too obtuse.
I received the power cord 72 hours after Kevin notified me I had won it.He made a custom length for me also.The cord is of high quality.After I have a 100 or so hours on it I will post my opinion of it.Thank you again Kevin!