Wilsons Watt/puppy 6 .... where in my room?

Just bought a pair of this beauties but need advice about where exactly to place them in my room; I know that they are very demanding in this respect and your comments will be VERY apreciated: your experience, links in the web or any other thing that could help.
Thanks in advance
Jorsan, you have some great speakers there....congrats!

if you could somewhat describe your listening room and limitations of where the speakers can be in the room that would be helpful. dimentions, including connected open spaces......where are the windows?.....are they covered?

you can go to the Cardas web-site and it will give you some fairly good information about one approach to speaker placement.

here is a link;

room set-up

i would caution that any theoretical speaker placement is only a good starting point.....your ears will be required for fine tuning.

Wilson does have a few specific recommendations that you will need for the fine tuneing. your top cabinets (the WATT) will need to be tuned for your listening height and distance. the manual will have instructions and and a chart for this. the sweet spot of the WP6 is somewhat small so that is important. the other issue is that the speakers should be toed in toward the listening position so that both speaker centerlines intersect behind your head. you should just see the inside surface of the Puppy cabinet when your head is locked into the sweet spot. if you can't see the inside Puppy surface they are toed in too far.

you should start out by not using any spacers with your Puppy paws (spikes) as this is more stable for the speaker. if your bass is too boomey in an otherwise ideal spot consider adding spacers.....any increase in height will reduce the floor reinforcement of the mid-bass (it should smooth out the bass).....this will require trial and error.

if it sounds better.....it is better. be patient......your speaker has considerable potential and reaching it will take some time and experimentation.

good luck.
take a look at audioasylum.com, the FAQ, and see the WASP speaker setup instructions...a great starting point, but fine tuning is specific per room.

i agree w/ mike on the spacers issue as well as the watt height issue.

THanks Mikelavigne and Rhyno for your great responses. I'll follow your advices and will post soon the info of my room. Thanks again
Congrats. I own the 7s and everything that's been said here about taking care in setup is true, especially ensuring that the room is well treated to ameliorate echo, standing waves, first reflections, etc.. You didn't say, but if you purchased them from a Wilson dealer, the dealer should come out and "voice" them, i.e. spend a few hours setting them up for you. Believe me, they are well worth the time and trouble to set them up properly.