Wilson Yvette

Wilson facebooked my dealer and my dealer facebooked me and now I am posting to you the online introduction of Sabrina's replacement, Yvette.  Yvette and Sabrina have very similar dimensions and VERY similar impedance/phase graphs.  The most obvious difference is the change in angle of the tweeter. I have found the Sabina to have a more pleasant presentation than the Sophia. I would guess, it will be Sabrina-like with more bass and dynamics. I agree with Wilson in marketing the thing. Once you get to Mk IV, might as well just change the name. Hope Peter McGrath will get more airline miles and demo them at my dealer. If not, there is RMAF.
The Sabrina is in its Mk IV iteration? If you meant the Sophia it is a different animal than the Sabrina, so don't quite understand the comment. When is the release of the Yvette supposed to happen?

Oh, man. I messed up my post.

Yvette and Sophia III* have similar dimension and charts.

"When is the release of the Yvette supposed to happen?"

I think they are "released", but do not know when dealers will have them. I asked mine on facebook. We'll see.

Ohlala, I thought that's what you meant but just wanted to clarify. The Yvettes look really interesting and am imagining they are in the 20,000.00 dollar range if they are the replacement for the Sophias. Have you heard the Sabrinas yet, and if you have what was your impressions of them, also could you reference there sound to the Sophias? I believe I have a Wilson dealer in Austin, I am in the Houston area so will get by there when the wife and I go for the West by Sothwest music festival next time.

Meant the South by Southwest Music Festival, I believe.

Sorry for the delay in answering questions. I listened to the Sabrina a couple of times in close field. I thought it was more coherent, like better time-aligned than Sophia. Sabina plays taller than the speakers are.
My local dealer, Audio Concepts, could not give date, but assumed there will be an event in the fall to show them. 
Typical of Wilson, to sound it’s best the Yvette’s need good SS current delivery amp, as they dip to 3ohms in the bass power region 50-150hz combined with a -45 degree Phase angle at 50hz, this could represent an EPDR load of even 1-2ohms to and amp in this bass region.

Page 30-31.

Cheers George