Wilson WP 8 or Sonus Amati Anniversary?

I am deciding between these two models. I have a large room so bass output is very important. I have not heard the WP 8. Do they sound like Avalon or more like B&W? Thx.
Th quite WP 8's are dynamic as hell and have bone crushing bass. The top end is neutral and extended so results will be greatly determined by gear and cabling. The SF's are more forgiving and not quite as alive as the WP's. You can use tubes on the WP's to great effect as well. Cabling should be Transparent or MIT Oracle for best results:)
WOW! Completely different speakers! You need to hear for yourself. I would say the Sonus are warm, more colored. The WP's are cleaner, less colored. Sonus are wonderful, lush sounding speakers, WP's are more neutral. Both are great speakers.
I can't say about the Avalons, but the WP's don't sound at all like the B&W, IMHO. The B&W's might be somewhere between the WP's and the Sonus, leaning toward the WP side.
Don't trust my judgment though . . . you MUST hear for yourself before making that investment.
Cables choice is a determinant of whatever sounds and works best in your system.

Not what somebody else says "should be".

That shows a complete misunderstanding of the cables' role in a system.
Sounds like you've already made your choice considering you've posted an ad selling your Avalons with the claim you're getting the WP8s. Probably a sideways trade.
The 8's will rock your world...the SF's will seduce you!! Go ahead and take your time on the cable choice per audiofeil...he is so open minded it kills me sometimes. In the end however, I'll bet you go Transparent or MIT:)
FWIW a friend went from 802D to WP7 - the 802D is much warmer in the lower mids and bass (colored IMO, it distracted from the enjoyment) not nearly as satisfying as the WP7 which seems truly neutral and a reference speaker. Also there is no contest in the bass with the WP7 having the best bass I have heard - it integrates with the midrange seamlessly.