Wilson WP 7 versus Von Schweikert VR7

Has anyone compared the Wilson WP 7 to the Von Schweikert VR7 or any other Von Schweikert speaker????

Where can one audition the Von Schweikert line in the greater New York area??
The VR speaker is a lot larger than the WP7, 10"+ deeper, and 10" taller and heavier by 200lbs. I think the comparison would be the VR to the Maxx 2, but I have no idea how much the VR7 costs.

The WP7 is still considered more of a full range monitor. I own WP7's and my friend owns VR4 GenIII SE's and they are completely different animals. If you are looking for that wall of sound the VR or Maxx2's would be the speaker for you.

I agree that the WP7's and the VR4Gen III SE's or VR4SR are a better comparison. Or if you pockets are bigger, the MAXX2's and the VR7's.
I think that the VR7se comparison should be made with the Wilson X2 Alexandria. Forget about price, look at bandwidth and then listen to both. I prefer the Von Schweikert's, that is why I carry the speakers.

The VR7se is absolutely amazing!