Wilson WP 6 vs 7 for home theater

I currently own a pair of WP 3/2's and I'm planning on adding a home theater. My question is would it make more sense to choose a WP6 with a subwoofer or spend more for a WP7 and take advantage of the better bass response.
I'm running two subwoofers with my primary music system/home theater, which has WP6s for mains. The subs really do the job when it comes to home theater low frequency effects. While I have never had the WP7s in my system, I am hard pressed to imagine how they could do as well.
Get the WP7s. A subwoofer is not a must but a very big plus. The WP6s are a slightly different family of sound. The WP7s to my ears are slightly more musical and will add up to more musical enjoyment. I assume you will use hometheater for concerts and musicals and not just simple movies.
The W/P 6 is far better for home theater. It's more colorfully accentuated bass rarely needs a sub while the more neutral 7 might seem too natural without one.

The 6's uppermidrange presence also emphasizes dialog, obviating any need for auditory accuracy at any other frequency.

Which precludes your having to actually listen to them before discerning if you've actually heard them.

Not much less could be more fulfilling.

But one can always try.
I have 6's, with the updated 7 tweeters. I think you can get these from a dealer for about $1200-$1500. Not exactly sure. But they really improve the top end of the 6's. So that closes the gap somewhat on the 7's. Then you still have cash left over for a sub.

I watch a lot of movies, and I don't miss the deep bass. Maybe if I stopped by Jameswei's house I'd reconsider...so take my comments here as never having heard a sub in my system.

All this said, I'd buy the 7's. They are a better speaker all around, especially if you main listening is music. The 8's are wonderful. I am trying to get the cash for them one day soon...

Also, I guess I should mention, what's the rest of your setup? Maybe improving sources, amps or cables and going with the 6's still might be a better option.

Sorry to waffle around here, but lots of varibles I guess.

Good luck !
Thank you for the resposes.

I have a set of Wilson 6 with a cub as my center and a Velodyne sub in a big open room with 30ft ceiling and the system sounds very good. But in my HT room I run all top of the line Marantz HT amps DVD and receiver along with a PS Audio 1000 power conditioner and a Marantz long throw Ht over head projector. I have a set of Wilson 3/2 as my fronts and two cub 2 as my center and a set of Wilson cub 2 as my rears. I patched in two Velodyne subs the system is outstanding. Sounds a bit better then my front room system. I think this is do to the room acoustic of the dedicated HT Room. I would go for a sub.
I can't comment on the pros/cons of WP6 v. WP7--I use 5.1s and a REL Stadium 3. However, on a general note, I find that the sub is the most important speaker for HT. It sets the mood and draws you into the movie more than other speakers. This goes for any kind of movie. Sure, clear dialog is important, but IMO the sub does more to allow you to suspend disbelief while watching a movie.
i have 6's and 7's now. whether you have either speaker, you will still need a good sub for movies. Also I havent noticed much difference in the bass between the 6 and 7