Wilson Witt vs Sophia

I am curious to see if anyone has an opinion on the relative merits of these 2 speakers. Which do you prefer and in what areas is one better than the other. I have heard the Witt several years ago and remember liking it. Have not heard the sophia yet. Also, did anyone compare either of these to the Watt/Puppy 5.1? I own the WP 5.1 and am very happy with them.
I have wp 6's and have heard the sophia's on a similar system at my dealer. For roughly 1/2 the price, they are 90% of the performance. WP6, deeper bass, little more transparency across everything, little more efficient. Sorry, can't comment on the witts, or 5.1's. Hope that helps!

I listened to the WITTS at a dealer showroom. It was terriblely bright and thin. Maybe it was the set up (ML electronics, ???cables)or room, but I walked away very disappointed because I enjoy the Watt. I have not listened to the Sophias. Good Luck and happy listening!
I haven't heard the Sophia's, I like the W/P didn't really care for the Witt
If you want the opinions of an avid Wilson fanatic here is how they rate:

1. WP6
3. WP5.1

I am leaving out all of Wilsons other speakers for the sake of this discussion and normal pricing.
Check out the Sophia review on Soundstage.com.