Wilson WATT sound alikes.

I'm looking for rear speakers to go with my Wilson WATT 3s. Any thoughts on speakers that are tonally and dynamically similar.

Of those I've used, Acoustic Energy AE-1s come immediately to mind, but I'd be interest in any others.
raider: you don't mention your budget or whether you're looking for new or used speakers. the ae-1's, of course, can be easily found on the used market. if you're searching for new alternatives, i suggest you look at the entry-level jm-labs line, the chorus. if your budget is more expansive, you should check out the avalon symbol. good listening. -kelly
Sorry about the budget. If I were going to spend a lot I'd get another pair or two of WATTs. However, I'd like to keep it under $1K a pair used.

I'll check out your suggestions.