Wilson Watt Puppy 8 Speakers


Has anybody heard any news or have any details on the forthcoming Wilson Watt Puppy 8 speakers?

They will have the new grill system that the Sophia 2 has.
>They will have the new grill system that the Sophia 2 has<

And Dave will probably charge another 2-3K for that *upgrade*.

Let's hope that they will use a new tweeter. The Focal titanium inverted dome tweeter that Wilson (and others) have used for years, is an old design and has an inherent harshness that drives some people (me included) up the wall. .
Just new grills? When are they available? That's one thing I don't like about my WP 6.0s...the Velcro.
I was incorrect in what I heard (listened to the rumor mill)... no wp8 have been announced.
actually, I have heard from reliable source, the New Watt Puppy 7 will name Watt Puppy MK2. it will have brand new desinged upper module, 2x9 inches woofer on each side.

I emailed Wilson Audio & they indicated there is no WP8 at this time. If Wilson was to redesign the upper module they would rename it WP8. Also considering their markets they won't abandon the upgrade path of the Current WP7 so quickly. I would guess they might produce a speaker in between in price from the Maxx II & the WP7. This would be very interesting. A little deeper bass & some minor changes.