Wilson Watt Puppy 7 or Sophia 2 for my room and gear?

Hello, I am considering the purchase of either the Wilson Watt Puppy 7 or Sophia 2.  The have similar values on the 2nd hand market.  Arguments can be made for both - The Sophia 2 is newer, more attractive, more updated, perhaps easier to drive and more forgiving?  The Watt Puppy 7 is the best of the legendary Watt Puppy series.  I see that the WP7 is more sensitive than the Sophia 2, but the Sophia has been called easier to drive.

I am using an Audio Research VT100 mkII 100 watt tube amp with an Audio Research LS25 tube preamp.  The rest of my gear can be seen here:  https://systems.audiogon.com/systems/5421

My room is an inverted L shape.  I made a schematic that shows the shape, dimensions, and details here:  http://www.marktomaras.com/3106878-audio#1
The blue squares in the schematic are the current Rockport Monitors (to scale & also currently for sale)

The distance between the Rockport tweeters is about 9.7 feet and the distance from the tweeter to my listening position is about 10.5 feet.  There is a bit of room for movement in the speaker placement as can be seen in the schematic, but not a huge amount.
My question is, with my room, shaped as it is, real world items such as windows, and my audio equipment other than speakers (which will not be changed any time soon), which Wilson is going to perform better?

There is a good photo in my virtual systems page that shows the components on the back wall, and I also uploaded the room schematic there as well.  Looking at both will give you a quick understanding of the environment.  Thanks!
The WP7 and Sophia 2 have different signatures... what is it about the sound of the Rockports that you're hoping to improve upon? 
I feel that there is a subtle lack of coherence in the sound with the monitors and the sub. Perhaps it's my room.  Really though, I am interested in having a well made floor standing full range speaker.  I have only had monitors up to now.  My mother in law and a friend both have wilsons, and I love the sound. I heard the WP7 and I was impressed.  I am looking for a very full range speaker, that will be able to play loud and full, with no problems with reaching limits.  I want to be able to get up to the high 90s to low 100s in the DB scale at times with ease and quality, though those levels are not a daily thing.  I also want to own a piece of the Wilson folklore, at least once.  Perhaps I will never leave Wilson, or perhaps I will only stay with the brand for a short while. 
Having owned the ARC VT-100 and VT-100 Mk3, I don't think your Mk2 will be able to tame the Wilsons (at least at the levels you're talking about). Maybe a Bryston 4B or 7B monos...
I have had Sophias and Watt Puppy 7s, both with 100 wpc of tube power. There was no contest. There was nothing that Sophias did better than the 7s. The only advantage of the Sophias was that they played better with much less wattage (eg 15wpc which I tried on both for kicks). The 7s were more coherent, threw a bigger, deeper soundstage and were more transparent. They also displayed a greater bandwidth with a more defined low end.
Although I did not have the Sophia 2s in my system, I heard them on many occasions. They were slightly better than the original Sophia, but only by degrees. The 7s are a different speaker altogether. One cannot mistake a Sophia from a wattpuppy.

Look and read about the first graph on each speaker.

Your amp will be challenged around 50hz-100hz with the WP7’s, but should be just ok for the Sophia’s.

Most Wilsons tend to need bags of current for the best bass, and good meaty S/S amps with bi-polar (BJT) output devices do best.



Cheers George

 Update, I just acquired Wilson audio Sophia 2's.  Super happy, they sound excellent!   Thanks for your help 

Good choice with that amp of yours, it would have been pushing the limits with the WP7's

Cheers George