Wilson Watt Puppy 7

I am looking for a pair of used monoblocks for 2 channel listening. I have a large open listening area. My budget is 5k give or take. I listen to classical guitar, female vocal, blues at moderate volumes. I’m looking for a warm sound. Have used solid state previously but have a tube headphone amp and like the sound. Any suggestions?

I have a friend who’s a watt puppy nut, he’s owned every one up to the 8’s he and I both agree the 7’s were the best.
He’s driven them with everything, se tube, pp tube, Class-D, the best was with high classA biased solid state Class-A/B amps, that can do good current.
This you can tell if the amp can "almost" double it’s 8ohm wattage into 4ohms, and it’s 4ohm wattage into 2ohms. So look for reviews in Stereophile of amps that bech test doing this.

I would suggest a used pair of the John Curl designed Parasound Halo JC1 monoblocks, which just happen to have a switch on the back to give high class-A bias which will give you a warmer sound but still detailed when you want to listen seriously.
Or for parties, dinner or background music switch it of, still sounds very very good even without the high bias.

This guys got a pair we wants offers for both

And this one wanting offers

Do the Aussie thing and play them off against each other.
Cheers George
Quicksilver Audio makes nice tube mono amps. Why buy used?
Get a pair of McCormack amps and have them upgraded. SMc Audio can just about anything. And, you could do a lot with $5K.
Solid state options:
PS Audio M300  
Dual bridged mono James Romeyn assembled NC400  
Pass Labs XA25  
Mytek Brooklyn Amp  
Arcam FMJ P49 (used on Amazon for $1000 less) 

Have you seen the Luxman m700 on Agon via Perotta Consulting??
200 Watts/Channel, but not a mono.
I use Cary 805Cs with my wilson watt puppy 7s. My listening chair is 7 feet from the speakers and I listen at 70 to 80 db volumes(Rock and folk music). I have no problem with the Carys low power and the combination can also fill the house with wonderful music. Back in the day before making the purchase I talked to Peter Mcgrath at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest. He recommended the combination and stated that Wilson had previously used the combination at a prior audio show.

My recommendation for the Wilsons would be a high quality tube amp.
PS I just heard Wilsons driven by Luxman integrated, Outstanding. That's why I am recommending it.

When I listened to WP 7s at dealers, they were usually using Audio Research VT200 Mk II or III to drive them,  Very good sound, though not really your classic tube sound.  

Agree with georgehifi, I liked the WP7s best of all of the versions.
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Hi sssixxx

If you are looking for a great value added investment check out Rouge Audio. At their testing/listening room they had the Apollo Mono Blocks  hooked up to Puppies before they invested into Sashas. I heard them when they were hooked up to the Sashas and it was incredible. 

True soundstage - Detailed classical guitar, natural female vocals and  clean bass. Textured imagery. The Apollos would definitely put the Puppies to work.

Great company,  solid builds that respond extremely well to tube rolling and power chord upgrades should you ever desire. They released a new line of pre-amps as well. 

I have owned a Pair of M180 for the last decade. I do want to get a pair of Apollo Darks, but as I have rolled tubes and added substantial Power Chord / Cable investments their performance has exceeded my expectations every time. 

You may want to try KT-120 tubes in place of the KT-90 if you decide to purchase them.

Best of Luck!


The WP7s were the best WP (until the Sashas came along). Much better than WP6 and a bit better than WP8 IMHO. I owned the 7s before the Sashas and Alexia2s which I own now.
There is a  pair of McIntosh MC501 mono-blocks here for sale for around 5-6 grand.  I believe they put out 90 amps of current each and do 500wpc.