Wilson Watt Puppy 6 or Sophia 2 ?

Can anyone with some extensive ownership or audition experience please give me their feedback on which pair might be better. I have a choice of either for similar amounts. Currently have Revel Studios. I love them, but am looking for better sound in a smaller enclosure. Please let me know your thoughts.
Aren't all three approx the same size?
If you want "better"... well, I think the Sophia 2 is better than the W-W 6.
HOWEVER, IMO, neither of the above is demonstrably better than your Revels. You might gain some mid-bass boost with the Sophia, but you'll lose some more phase integrity...
I.e., respectfully, why not sit back & play with what you already have -- or consider other choices, *different* rather than "better"; stand-mounted Sonus Faber perhaps?
Give us some more info

Sonus Faber? Talk about straying into another galaxy in recommendations... Why not Martin Logans, Quads! Don't buy apples, you'll prefer oranges... Gotta love the Gon and its variety of interjected opinion.

Saying that "neither of the above is demonstrably better than your Revels" is like saying " A pair of CJ's are not demonstrably better than the Halcro's you own." Completely different amps, and people have preferences that will automatically make one type better--for them. This is true to an even greater degree with speakers.

The Sophia 2 is a far more coherent and integrated sounding speaker than the W6, which may have a small edge in immediacy or dynamic contrast but noticeable, unavoidable shortcomings in driver integration, coherence, upper bass forwardness and a comparatively untamed lower treble. Based on my experiences owning Sophias, Watt 7's and Maxx 2's you are better off going with the Sophia 2's.

When I bought the original Sophias, I did so after comparing them directly to the W6 and preferred the original Sophias significantly.

The Wilson line has improved a great deal in the past few years. I could never have lived with the WP 5.1 or 6. The Sophias were a departure in a new direction and the line has steadily improved from there. I am patiently awaiting delivery of a set of Maxx 3's.
"I am patiently awaiting delivery of a set of Maxx 3's"

I guess there's going to be a lot more Maxx 2's for sale shortly.

What's the MSRP on the Maxx 3's?
$70k vs $45k for the Maxx II
I am getting the general consencus from MANY people that the Sophia 2's are indeed superior to the Watt Puppy 6's. Making the decision easier...
But, are they better then the Revel Studio series 1?

>>>"But, are they better then the Revel Studio series 1?"<<<

Now, there's a question with as many answers and OT suggestions as there are people with an opinion, and all equally worthless to your specific system, room and musical tastes.

Similarly priced speaker systems with proven commercial success and performance are far too sensitive to context and subjective preference for any internet poll to be of use as to "which is better?" The question alone makes me wince on your behalf.

Listen to both in familiar confines and the answer will become obvious. If that can't be easily accomplished, then stay happy where you are.

The Sophia 2 is the Wilson speaker for those people who do not like Wilson speakers.
You cold consider it to be 90% of the W/P 8 for about 50% of the price.
The W/P 6 go for maximum detail, the Sophia 2 is smoother, more integrate, present music in a more relex, musical and listenable.
i was very interested in the sophia's have been for a while, but after comparing for a long time, speaker after speaker, even with sonus, believe it or not, i went to a left field choice in the toem winds. i found them right upthere with the sophia's and 5grand less. but it was a very difficult choice, even compaired to the hanson knights. i just found that the totems soundstage to me was the selling point. though i would be very interested in the way the new sophia 2 sounds. either way, it comes down to your tastes and how they set up in your rooms. remember what works and wins at a demo , might not in your home. just my half a cents worth
I owned Wilson Sophia 2s for about 18 months. I compared them closely to the Revel, the original series...but couldn't get past the looks...for me just too out there. But sonically I think I preferred the Revels. When I listened to the Sophia2s at the dealer...never got by the mid bass emphasis...but the dealer said he could get rid of the undue warmth with careful setup...and he did. Ultimately I replaced them with Rockports...after thinking that I would get WP8s...by the way I left the Sophia 2s because there was a certain degree of harshness///rise in the treble that for me greatly hurt the musicality of listening over a long period of time...tiring...but they are excellent speakers
The Sophia 2 is the Wilson speaker for those people who do not like Wilson speakers.

Great line. I will have to remember that !

BTW - to my ears Sophia 2 is just very transpartnt speaker. With the different choice of cables, I can make them sound very fast and a bit bright (as with AQ Sky ICs) or very forgiving (as with Siltech G7 ICs or KS Emotion ICs).
I haven't heard the Wilson Watt Puppy 6 but the Sophia 2 is a great speaker. Wouldn't hesitate to get them again.
I totally agree with Tomer. The WP6 and the Sophia 2 are two very different kinds of speakers.

I have heard the Sophia 2 twice, both very long auditions, and both times I heard beautiful music. I personally felt there was no midbass hump and no rise or harshness in the treble at all - but the amps used were also very good: CJ CA200 and Hovland RADIA. That is most likely the reason.

Having said that, if i were you, I would keep the Studios and upgrade the rest of the system! You probably have yet to hear everything the Studios are capable of.