Wilson watt puppy 3/2 with Wow sub?

Hi, I am thinking about buying these sight & sound unseen/heard,but have never read such mixed reviews and emotions from audiophiles as Watt puppies. I know it is alway's best to listen first, but in this case it is not possible. It is either these, or Infinity IRS Beta's. Again puppies include the Wow sub. Any opinions will be greatly appreciated. Room size 20x20x12
Sorry, make that the WHOW sub. :o)
If you like detail, accuracy and dynamics, the Wilson's are for you. They are wonderful and most people that bad mouth them either have not heard them, or have not heard them with complimentary electronics. They are a very safe bet, but your electronics matter. Any problems in your system will show up through these speakers. Good Luck!
I heard the combination you are asking about at the CES one year in the Audio Research room. It was one of the few rooms where I sat down and listened to the music rather than stand and listen, then leave. I agree that this speaker gets very mixed opinions from people. Perhaps they are difficult to get right, or the dealers who sell them fail to present them properly. I would like to hear them in an audiophiles home, where the system is really maxed out, and see what they are capable of.
I have Wilson Watt3/Puppy2 for over five years now. They are super once you have properly set them up and have the right electronics and cabling. I did modify the internals by adding individual Bybee components for each driver and re-wired them with Audio Note ANz internally. I think getting the WOW II is a plus. You wont need it for most music and in fact I would leave it out, but for really big orchestral pieces it does add more body and wieght at the lower octives. With poorly matched electronics and without the WOW you might hear thr Puppies give up to sounding little one-note like on those big pieces. E-mail me if you want more information on my experiences. Good luck on what ever choice you make.
I hate to be the sole dissenter in this thread but go for the Beta's. You'll need a noce old Lev 23 for the woofer panels, and bigger ARC tube amps on the panels. Get your placement down and enjoy the magic. No watt/puppy/ whow setup wil beat beta's properly amped and set up. Paul
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