Wilson Watt 5 with Puppy 2, will this work?

I've got Watt Puppy 3/2's right now and have a chance to get a good price on some Watt 5 units.

I was thinking about using the Watt 5 with the Puppy2's in my 2 channel system and using my Watt 3's as a center channel when I, rarely, use theatre.

Will the built in crossover in the Puppy 2 give me good sound if I do this?

Yes...I know it won't do anything for the weakest link in my system right now, the Puppy 2 bass.

It will work fine, just remember to invert the speaker cables to the puppy 2 and again from the puppy to the watt. I use this setup and they sound great. I did elevate the speakers with longer spikes and have them sitting in Aurios on marble. The bottom of the puppy is about six inches from the floor. Good luck.
Its the exact speaker combination that I have, Watt5/ Puppy2. I bought the puppy paws from Wilson and only recently realized that, like RPW, I had to invert the speaker Cables (MIT M3). I have the VTL ST-150 tube amp and VTL TL-2.5 pre. The pre has a second set of outputs so I use a Velodyne HGS-10 to augment the bass. I still have the emails other audiogon'ers sent me about how they use the sub in their setup. If you need specific pages from the wilson manual, I can fax you what I have. I love the sound but I continue to tweak the setup (power cables and IC's).
If I understand you correctly, you are saying that I should have my speaker cables out of phase with the Puppy unit and the Puppy tail out of phase with the Watt. The end result is that the Pupps are out of phase but the Watts are back in phase.

Am I understanding this correctly.

Can I ask why this is necessary? Is it because the Puppy tail 5 and 2 are different?

I was also considering some Entec SW-5's to replace the Puppies. Is this a good match or do I need a higher quality Entec unit?

I've got a pair of WATT 5's (no puppies) that I had been using with a pair of custom made subwoofers. Unfortunitly, since I moved I cannot use the monsterous subs I built. I am trying to find a used pair of Puppy's (preferable white) or another sub that is small enough to either put the WATT's on like the Puppy's or fit just behind the WATT's on their stands. Anyone got any ideas about finding either?