wilson watch center and duette

I just purchased a Wilson Audio Watch Center and a pair of Duettes for both audio and home theater use. I am powering them with a T+A receiver. I have a few questions:
a. - I don't want to purchase the center stand from Wilson- what are other options ? Is there another stand option?
For a on- floor set up, where can I buy spikes? (they didn't come with the factory spikes)?
b. What cables are most recommended for the Center?
c. What sub-woofer would work best?
Thanks. Charlie
Wilson's are internally wired with Transparent Audio cables...they are always a good choice with Wilson's. Purist Audio Designs also worked well for me..I suspect you'll have dozens of other choices...but can't go wrong with those two brands and they have cables at nearly every price point...

Any stand will work...sound anchor might be worth considering...

You might just want to call a wilson dealer and get set of factory spikes...they are effective and can't be to expensive. Other options are Still points...and these might be quite a better by some of the posts i've read...

REL and JL Fathom make great subs...I have friends that both own them...and of course the Wilson WatchDog sub is great choice, especially if you can find a used one with the amp and crossover built into...(not sure why they quit making that option)