Hi there,is it possible to replace some resistor from the Watt's acess panel in order to get more treble ? can it be done by myself? any information of the specification? Thank you.
Have you checked with Wilson? Would it be easier (and more amenible to customization) to add an equalizer somewhere? It is possible that Wilson's crossover components are encased in epoxy, i.e., "potted," which would make them difficult to modify. You might be able to check this by looking at the crossovers in your W/P 6.1s.

The W/P 7s are less bright than your W/P 6.1s, in part I believe because the company had to switch tweeter suppliers. This has been described as an improvement, but its desirability is subjective.
What about speaker placement? It's VERY critical for Wilsons...did a dealer do the setup? If not, this maybe be your core issue...
Wilson has not switched tweeter suppliers. They use Focal tweeters. They switched woofer suppliers.
Tony007 - Thank you. I stand corrected: It appears the W/P 7 does indeed still use a Focal tweeter. My memory slipped a cog, and I thought there was a tweeter switch between the 6s and the 7s. It had not in fact happened yet. Here's some relevant discussion I dredged up:

A little off topic, but I am wonder whether you could tell me the color of the WilsonGloss on your Watt's? Thanks