Wilson v Sonus Faber

Any views on Wilson Watt Puppy 6.1 vs. Sonus Faber Amati Homage? (Driven by Mark Levinson equipment) Revived audiophile waking up after 7 year sleep to update system.
Well really good question..:-) for sure I know that for me Wilson System 6 is better than Amati and better than Avalon top speakers...Amati are better than Avalon Eidelon.... System 6 with Goldmund will sound better than levinson. E-mail me if you need more info
why do you prefer the wilsons? tell me about goldmund. thanks.
I'm not a big Wilson fan but can see why some like them a little to etchy for me but a great reference speaker. Although I have never heard the Sonus Farber Amati's they just have to get mega points for looks alone. I have never seen a more attractive loudspeaker in my life. I am curious as to how they sound but if Michael Fremer likes them, I've got to believe that I would to.
Tough choice in omparing these two speakers. I own a pair of Watt3/Puppies2 rewired with Audio SPz silver wire and with Bybees on each driver. They sound better in every way, and any edginess is gone. I've listen to Amati's at Music Lover in Berkeley CA (Nice Audio Shop). They sounded very good also, but I think not as extended as my Wilsons. The thing I didn't care for was some excessive upper bass warmth (room dependent) and they didn't handle the lower bass as well. I still consider my watts to be more in the one note bass because of missing the very bottom octive. The Amati's look goregous, like fine musical instrument. Whilw the Watt/puppy looks like a samll speaker. As individual pieces the Amati's have it all over the Wilsons. Having only one finish makes the Amatis are going to grab your eye attention in any room decor. The Wilson can be ordered in a varity of finishes and gloss paints. Frankly, I like that better, my Asian Pearl White pair sits beautifully in our living room. GerryM5
The Genesis Vs build on the watt/puppy with great bass(adjustable via RC), allowing you to adjust for room and music. I have a pair for sale (actually Harry Pearson's pair from TAS)in AudioGon
"Rebuilt" or not, Wilson's Focal tweeter sucks big time! The Revelator tweeter in the Sonus Faber is the best dome in the world, no contest! KINDA LIKE DECIDING WHETHER TO BUY AN AMERICAN FORD SUV, OR THE TOP OF THE LINE FERRARI, if they were the same price...I wouldn't even consider the Wilson!
Carl-eber... tell us what you really think. Better yet tell us what you drive. The Sonus Amati Homage is a wonderful speaker, but I tend to like the Wilson Watt Puppys for my taste and electronics. Also, much better resale.
I seriously considered the Sonus Fabers and made extensive listening comparisons at Music Lovers in Berkeley. While the Wilson's were not in that shop I have listened to them elswhere and they aren't to my taste (neither are the B&W or Vandersteens). I compared them to the Revel Salon and the Dunlavy V. (Spectral and CJ top of the line amplification) I consider the lack of the last octave a serious problem. I listem to large scale Classical, Heavy Metal and Techno in a large room. Even at moderate volume the mid-low bass was unaceptable to me. If I moved back to a high rise apartment I would seriously consider them but not for full blooded playback in a large room. Also I have seen two pairs sold used as like new for in the six months for a scarey mark down. So you had better like them. Final result of all the comparisons, I bought the Dunlavy V from Music Lovers.
Anybody who "tends" to prefer anything is a wuss. One of my professors in college "tended" to think this or that, and he, well, didn't play for the right team, so to speak. You obviously have no top octave sensitivity, for starters...Why should you be bothered if I have a Ferrari? David Wilson has one, and you helped him pay for it. Better resale value??? Bull$#!+.... They're just a big shiny black box, like a tiny coffin standing up, or a fat looking lamp that doesn't shed any light, especially on anything in music...
Any views on Wilson Watt Puppy 6.1 vs. Sonus Faber Amati Homage? (Driven by Mark Levinson equipment)

The Wilson 7’s were the best of the Watt/Puppy, but I would still favour the Amati’s over them, but not with tubes as they get too lazy sounding with them.

Cheers George
The older Wilson tweeter was terrible, same was true of Thiels. The only time I have heard the Wilsons sound good was on tubes, but they couldnt deliver at higher volumes so George is correct in this regard. My thoughts are that driven by Levinson (model is very important) I would prefer the Sonus Faber. 

Still chuckling over carl's response. I wish I would have had a college professor that affected me so profoundly. 
I did and boy was she a looker.
Although this is a lot of fun, I'm not sure why these threads get started. You get two sides warring and it always comes down to what YOU like best. We all see something different in an ink blot. 
A Ferrari means absolutely nothing to a dead person and all audio equipment sucks as an investment:)
Also why do they get resurrected 2 DECADES after they were started? LOL
@jsautter   Funny that you should bring up the fact that the old Wilson tweeter was terrible ( which I agree with you 100%!). BUT we have to remember who Wilson were attempting to impress as their customer. The older guy with a very flexible wallet. Wilson knew ( know??) that this consumer profile probably has some hearing loss at the higher frequencies, so a tweeter that is hot and rings at high frequencies would be just the ticket. Today, and I'm not sure why, the old Focal tweeter has been replaced with a MUCH better sounding silk dome. Somebody at Wilson must have told Dave that the old tweet was a basic disaster...and he obviously finally listened. ( I suspect I know who, but I have no proof).
Funny that you should bring up the fact that the old Wilson tweeter was terrible ( which I agree with you 100%!).
When I said the 7’s were the best, they were also better than the later 8’s as well.

A Chinese/English friend (a Wilson Nutter) owned every Watt/Puppy model, driven with the big Halcro 68’s monoblocks, I got to hear them all, in the identical position in the same room (I mean to the mm).
After the 8’s which gave him depression because he was so happy with the 7’s, he gave audio away and sold everything.

Stick with the SF Amati's, much more musical, and gorgeous to look at if your a glitz queen

Cheers George

I have owned Wilson and Sonus Faber Amati Tradition Homage speakers.  When I purchased the SF's, I played them side by side to the Wilson Alexia 1's.  There was not even a question in my mind that the SF sounded more musical than the Alexia 1's.  I had the Wilson Audio Duette 2's in the past.  To me it just depends on whether you like in your face sound of Wilson or a speaker that won't fatigue you in SF.