Wilson Sophia2 vs Focal

Looking for direct imput from users that have compared the Wilson sophia2 to the Focal1037b or Diva utopia speakers..what you like,didnt like..thanks
I am very interested in this myself! I have heard the Sophia 2 and the Diva but not in the same system. Have yet to hear the 1037 but I really want to because I think the 1037 will be more my taste than the other two.

The Diva Utopia are simply too difficult to correctly-place with their side-firing Woofers, and the 1037Be (to me) sound very-much like the 1027Be, with improved bass. The Alto sounds OK in comparison to the Wilson Sophia, and the Nova may sound better in some areas, especially when played loud, but the Cabinet size isn't nearly as flexible to place, as the modest-sized Sophia, or as easy to power, plus it's nearly 3X the cost. I ran a pair of 1027Be up against a pair of Wilson CUB2 Speakers, and the Wilsons were vastly superior across the entire sonic range, they honestly made the Focals unlistenable. I would easily take a pair of Duettes or Sophias over any Focal Speaker south of the Nova. My business partner was a long-time Focal Dealer, so I am well-familier with their line.
Owning a pair of Divas, I may be a bit partial. Sunset is partially correct, the Divas do require more work to setup correctly. The cannot be placed in corners or too close to the back wall. But when setup right, they absolutely sing. The 1037s have a bit more impact as the bass drivers are foreward firing, but I did not prefer the sound. Even with the Be tweeter, its sound was not as smooth and refined as the Divas. While the 1037s are quite good, I preferred the Divas. Heard with similar equip, Accuphase cd and preamp, Boulder amps and Tara Labs cables. Compared with the Focals, I don't think the Sophias have the same imaging and depth of soundstage. Highs are not as open and clear. Tweeters for the Wilsons are from Focal, but are from the old Electra line. While still good, they do not compare to Beryllium tweeters of the 1037s and Diva. Just my two cents.

If you are still looking at different models, take a look at the Focal LCR Be's. Big monitors with rather odd look that some may not like. But, about 90% of the Novas at much smaller price. Has the Be tweeter, dual midrange and 10" side firing woofer. Heard them at RMAF and was very impressed.