Wilson Sophia vs. Piega P10

I am seriously considering replacing my Piegas with a pair of Sophia Is. Anybody heard both speakers and can contrast and compare?


I have heard them at the same dealer but not in an A-B comparison but with the same equipment and cables. The dealer I speak off no longer carries the Piega line. My impression was that the 10's were more forward than the Sophias. I also think the Sophias produce a more desireable bass. If you are considering the change I think you should arrange an in home demo so you can make a better assessment of the differences. I think the once concern you might have is room size. The Sophias seem to like a larger room. Personnaly I think (prior to the Sasha)
the Sophia was the buy of the Wilson line up. And for the 10K difference I may still go with that assessment.
Thanks for the input. Buying used, so no demo available. However, at 15' x 26' I think my room should be sufficient for the Sophias. I never had any issues with the bass of the Piegas, it's the best I've had in my room. So if the Sophia is better, well that's a good thing.


are you eyeing what I am eyeing on audiogon ?

May the best bidder win :-)
Shakey the room you have should work well with the Sophias.I meant no disrepect to the Piega bass, they do bass qite well, but yes the Sophias do it better. You will see what I mean when you get them. The Sophia in my opinion does bass better than the Maxx's, to me the Maxx's were a little boomy and really room dependant for control.
The Sophia really is a great bargin for a wonderfull representation of the spectrum of sound. I only wish I could afford and use them in my home. But I am limited by dollars and room to fully maximize their potential.
Thanks for the response Theo.

Pinkus, I'm not sure which pair you are eyeing, but I am sending my money today for one of em'.

Good luck ! I was just messing with you. I don't have the room for these speakers.

Incidentally, if you take a look on Soundstage, it seems to me that Sophia 1 betters Sophia 2, at least as far as distortion measurements of both the speakes are concerned. Other than that, 1 and 2 measure very similarly.

I am pretty sure, keeping $$'s in mind, the Sophia 1 for 6K is a no-brainer compared to the 2.

Let us know how the speaker works out for you !
Having owned both the Wilson is a much better speaker. The Piegas were some of the worse speakers I've owned in there price range.
Wow, thanks for the brutality, lol. I have long thought they were the best I've owned. But then again I don't routinely audition 10K+ speakers. We shall see.

I received my Wilson Sophias (original version) on Tuesday. After a few days of listening I would say the prognosis is good. I feel these are indeed an improvement over my Piegas in the areas of dynamics, bass definition and image specificity. Unless I hear something in the long term that calls them out, looks like these are keepers.