Wilson Sophia II vs. Thiel CS3.7

Anyone compare the two directly?

Looking for detailed impressions on these two loudspeakers only if you feel you auditioned them in their absolute best light. Mis-matched systems and problems with synergy don't really reveal what a speaker can do, so be honest and voice your opinion only if you really know the strengths and weakness of each speaker.


Which one went deeper, tighter more impactful, tuneful?


Which one had more presence, texture, tonal accuracy, inner detail, transparency?


Which one extended farther, had less grain, sounded most natural?


Which one was more coherent, dynamic, resolving, transparent?

Which one had a wider soundstage, fuller images, shaper images, better depth, layering, separation of instruments?

Which one has the more accurate tone for acoustic instruments?

Again, looking purely for sonic differences, how do they honestly compare to each other?

Tom's thnking along the same lines as I am, though I was thinking about the less beautiful non-wood Quatro's at almost half the price of the 3.7's and greater bass extension to boot.
Calbrs03's thinking even more along the same lines as I am. Used Thiel CS5i's can be had for less than $3K. Even with the very high shipping costs, one could send them to Thiel for a refurbish and sent back home and still have lots of money left over for some killer amps.
Still all of this is just conjecture, untill I actually get to hear the 3.7's. Perhaps they really are that good, and they really are worth the asking price? I think Thiel streamling thier line mightg be a good thing. I thought the previous extended line didn't really offer that much improvement from one level to the next. Case in point, the CS 6's didn't seem (to me at least) to be worth the cost increase over the 3.6's.
The bass is a little stronger with the Quatros, but does not blend as good into the rest of the freq. range. Also the wood model Quatro is more than just better looking. it is a much better speaker. I have had the chance to compare them and the wood model has a midrange that the sock cant touch. Not sure why, but the wood model is a much nicer speaker. And IMO worth the extra cost. I (in the end) would probably still be happier with the Thiels. Even though the cost to amplify and the initial cost would add up with the Thiels.
Even though the cost to amplify and the initial cost would add up with the Thiels.

That, unfortunately, was the thought I had leaving the store. Still, those speakers (either 2.4 or 3.6) made it seem like a good idea to change everything, again.

Probably a better idea to buy used, and dig up a ss amp with the savings. Dealer said he could give me a "killer" deal--whatever that means-- on the 2.4 demos along with the 10 yr warrantee, when he takes delivery of the new demo pair. I obediently gave him my phone number.
Hce4, I can say I have had the Vandersteen 5A for
some time now, and have tried several amps. I will not say
the 5A is my last speaker, as we all know how our audio fevers can
rise and fall. However, earlier this month I bought the Vac
Phi 300.1 and the 5A has already reached new heights in my system. This may sound overused, but the 5A just sounds so
much like the components in front of it. With the Vac Ren
70, very lush, very detailed, not quite enough power for my
taste although a healthy 70 watts. With the Gamut D200,
great dimensionality for a non-tube amp and plenty of power.
I guess my point here is, do not give up on Vandersteens
just from hearing the 5A once. It is very dependent on
the amp. I know the VTL 750 is a great amp, but it was
not on the 5A IMO. I have seen 5A's for around 11K used,
and you can always seek out the Quattro which has been
mentioned. I have not heard the latest Wilson or Thiel
designs, and have not owned either for several years.
I also have nothing negative to say about the ASL amps
which you heard on the 5A's, as I have never heard them.
For me that is easy.

A close friend of mine, 3.7 owner, put his Thiels for sale next day after hearing the Sophias 2 in his system.

Sophias were more musical, more real sounding and less fatiguing. We were both surprised. This is one of those demos to eventually persuade me to get Sophias myself.

His system consists of:
EMM CDSE se / DCC2 se combo
ARC Ref 3
ARC Ref 210 monos