Wilson Sophia II..uncommon SS Integrated match ?

Hi dears. I always saw Wilson Audio Sophia II matched with very high level amplification equipments ... so lots of informations are available worldwide to copy well known matches.

I'm looking for " uncommon " match, I mean comments from someone that drives Sophia speakers ( with excellent results of course ) with not to expensive amplifiers.

Thanks in advance. Max
How much is .."not to expensive"
I consider " not so expensive " an amp with street price around 5-6K USD for a new unit ...
I have heard them sounding exceptionally well with Ayre. I don'ty remember the model but a used integrated shouldn'y exceed your budget.
My first choice would be an Ayre V5. If you don't like that, maybe something SS from BAT or Pass. They're all good, just different.
This is my setup
VPI Classic 3, Jan Allaerts MC1 Boron cartridge, Avid Pulsus phono stage, Acurus RL-11 Preamp, Music Reference RM-9 MKII amp (Genalex Gold Lion KT77 and Russian 6922) and Sophia II speakers.
The Music Reference Rm-9 MK II amplifier I bought about 18 years ago, it has 4 matched quads per side, so 8 output tubes KT77 Golden Lion total. I use Russian twin triode 6922 for the input stage to the amplifier. It drives the Sophia 2 extremely well. I believe tubes and Sophia IIs get along very well. The amplifier was very reasonably priced when new and also reasonably priced on the used market, if you can find one. Total of about 125 watts per channel tube power.
Thanks for comments. I currently drive Sophia with a BAT VK75, sounds is great, wonderful 3D, focus and liquidity ... just a lack of bass control and extension.

Never heard any Ayre integrated ... only MX-R/KX-R but the play in another league...