Wilson sophia fuse

Could anyone tell me what size the fuses are in the Wilson Sophia's ? Wilson wants 250'00 for a pair. Any info would help.

Fuses? Wilson speakers use Caddock resistors, not fuses. If you are looking for an alternative, please know that these speakers are tuned with these resistors specifically. They not only affect the sound quality but are designed to protect the drivers from overload and clipping. Using anything else would change the sound most likely. I agree that Wilson is charging a premium for these little things, but unless you have an open account with Caddock, I would advise you to get the right ones from them. If one can afford Wilson speakers, then one should be able to afford to service them.

Thank you for the info, i have ordered a pair of resistors from wilson.
If you had another speaker manufacture you would be buying new drivers or your sound would be degraded by the fuse.

So the resisters are cheap insurance, plus if you don't like the response of the speakers you can have Wilson change the values.
or you could order the appropriate value from partsconnexion.com the DUELUND brand...i don't know how they'll fit, but knowing how caddocks normally sound in the signal path, i have no doubt that most anything would be an improvement. ----props to DGAD for turning me on to this mod.

Actually to DGarretson. But listening will tell all.