wilson sophia and B&W 802d with Gamut di150

Hello All,

would really like to hear your opinion about this one.
I have a Gamut int. di150 and I just sold y pair of speakers and looking for either the sophia 3 or the 802D.

Do you think the DI150 will have enough power to get the best out of them ? especially the 802D ? or should I start consider to replace it with a new set of power/pre

Gamut is very musical but not super powerful, the 802D generally like power to come alive, however, 150 watts in a good sized room is more power than most people actually need.

The Sophia's do work well with lower powered amplifiers, providing the Gamut is stable into lower impedance loads.

I would try to bring the amplifier to the speakers and see which you prefer.
I would also consider GamuTs own speakers, which I prefer to either of the others. I have L5s.
Do you mean the 802D or the 802 Diamond.The previous "D" series are "OK" but the newest Diamond series are simply breath taking( imo).
More power is better but the Di150 is 180w at 8ohm and 380w at 4ohm according to their specifications and goes down to 1.5 ohm. I have heard it driving some tough speaker loads quite well and sounding very good. There are many factors including you and your room, so try it and you might be surprised.
I see now that i probably passed the 'use by' date on this thread with my comment.