Wilson Sophia 3 vs YG Acoustics Carmel

Has anyone compared or own both speakers ?
How different is the YG Carmel vs the Wilson Sophia 3s ?
Which of the two is easier to drive, easier to position, etc ?
Thanks for the inputs.

I am in the process of making a Wilson vs YG decision. I am more interested in a Sasha vs Kipod comparison. However the one you solicit will be very interesting to me too. By the way, I listened to multiple systems at the RMAF with the Sashas and the Kipods and found both riveting. Overall I was most impressed with al of the YG speakers at the show. I am not a fan of the aesthetics of either companies products but could live with either due to the sound performance.

I would really like to hear a response to your original post from the fans...

Howard...how did you come to like these speakers? Have you listened to others?

Yes, I've listened to many speakers. I have decided to limit myself to brands that have been around for a few years and will likely persist. This for resale reasons. I have also been a fan of electrostatics in the past and have a pair of Zen Adagios with non traditional tweeters. However I think that on listening to the available offerings that the traditional tweeters are now smoother.

BTW, please do not respond with have you herd the {fill in your speakers here} boring!