Wilson Sophia 3 vs Sabrina

Hi. Few years ago I demo home Sasha 1 and was blown away. Since than I listen Sophia 3 many times and decided to go with S3 as soon I construct my new listening room. I'm not so impressed with last Wilson speaker generation. Well, that was until I heard Sabrina at Innivation Audio showroom and first time I liked how new tweeter sound. Sabrina sound to me more coherent than any Wilson I heard. Still, I prefer Sophia power and scale, but not sure which can give me more plasure. Anybody compare them?
This would be really interesting to hear which is better.
I know the new tweeter is really good and an improvement.
I think Wilson change tweeter to be able to cross lower with their (SB acoustic version) midrange, due its 4kHz membrane resonance. All new models benefit with smooter mids, but silk dome caracter is not as per se better. I still love resolution of metal dome and found not been fatigue in right set-up. Sabrina on the other hand is crossed higer and new twetter realy shine. We need to hear opinions from lucky owners...

I am dying to demo the newest Sabrina. I have had many pleasant auditions w/ both Sophia + Sasha. It is going to be interesting to hear what Wilson's newest offering brings to the proverbial "table". If you guys can suggest a dealer/retailer w/ this speaker on the floor and ready to demo, please say so.
Keep me posted & Happy Listening!
I listen Sabrina twice so far (VTL & AR) and it's nicely voiced. I miss bottom octave which is there with Sophia 3, just a little less focused and lose comparing with Sasha 2 (I try both speakers side by side in huge room really loud).
I have auditioned the Sabrina's twice, once in a small show with Constellation amps and once at a dealers with quite a simple system of ARC LS17 and ARC Ref 75. On both occasions I was very impressed indeed and I am not a Wilson fan. On neither occasion were other Wilson Speakers available as a comparison, though Sasha's were in another room with different amps. They held together across the frequency spectrum, played loud, but at low volumes to, without the soundstage collapsing. In short they were excellent.

The Sabrina was very favourably reviewed in the UK magazine HiFi News. The reviewer suggested he could happily swap them for his Alexia's. He also said the sharp impedence drop to 2.4 at 146hz, made them unsuitable for tube amps. I have to say they sounded pretty good with the ARC REf 75's
I am in your situation to evolve my current speakers.
I heard Sabrina just two days ago and Sophia 3 two months ago, with my favourite music but in two different contexts, so I prefer to speak about emotions they gave me and not with audiophile therms...
For what I auditioned,in my opinion Sophia 3 is far better than Sabrina, and the difference in cost means there is no story for me.
But, my room is approx. 50 square meters and maybe the Sabrina will sound better in smaller rooms than the Sophia.
Good Luck!
Precisely guys-

the Sabrina was built/designed to go into a smaller space then the Sophia/Sasha. Yes, both the Sasha & Sophia are better in a larger room, no doubt. All Wilson speakers do well w/ solid state and tubed gear. Keep me posted & Happy Listening!
Not questioning Max's experience, but the first time I listened to the Sabrina's, was in a really large hotel conference suite. The system did not seem to have a problem filling the room with sound.
Today I demoed both speakers side-by-side in smaller then optimal treated room with ARC gear connected with Transparent cables. Sabrina was positioned closer to rear wall sounding little heavy in mid-bass. Midrange sounded buttery smooth with highs detailed and airy. Sabrina handled vocals beautify, same time with all Wilson strengths; full-body sound with respectful dynamic. I tough Sophia3 will be even more overkill but since it was position more forward in my surprise bass was excellent. No boomy mid-bass with greater authority, speed, pitch and extension compare to Sabrina. Actually, Sophia3 sounded clearer throughout the spectrum with better resolution in mids and highs. Vocals lost warmth to some degree, but didn't sound cold. Same goes with tweeter; not harsh whatsoever, just with different character. I was so impressed with this set-up (witch I thought it's not possible in small size room) that I continue to listen Sophia3 few hours not desiring to switch back to Sabrina. I found both speakers are great, but Sophia3 is my choice so far.
Thanks MF,

I always tend to like the larger speakers better when given the option. They just seem to hit with more impact in the bass which is critical to me. I have never bought into the "speakers too big for a given room" concept. 30hz bass at a given SPL is 30hz assuming the speakers physically fit in the room. But buying large expensive speakers for a small room could be a waste of money if the output is not needed.
I think Sabrina can be generally better accepted, because (in my opinion) will better integrate in less than optimal listening environment. Sophia needs more acoustically controlled room for right set-up to reach her potentials. Wilson claim that Sophia can be matched with moderate electronic, but I found only high-power quality tube or great solid-state amps will balance sound as it was designed. This all adds system cost and I feel Sophia and Wilson bigger models sound can only be discussed if one can afford dedicate listening room as foundation for proper set-up.
I do not find Sabrina's enjoyable. I find them muted. Sophia 3 are overall better to my ears.
What you refer as mute, TAS reviewer call warm...