Wilson Sophia 3 or Kharma DB7

To all those who have heard both:
which one do you prefer ?.
In EU the prices are very similar, while I saw in US the price of the Kharma is very close to the Sasha.
Thanks, dino
Depends. Kharma has long been the home of remarkably pure and transparent midrange and extended but delicate highs. Wilson, while not quite as transparent (although not far off), offers much greater dynamics and world class imaging. I have not heard the DB7, but I have heard the entire line of Kharma predecessors. I doubt from the drivers used in the DB7 (2 7" drivers) that my conclusion would be much different.
Hi Dino,

I'm also considering both of these speakers for my next upgrade. I had a chance to listen to the db7s tonight (driven by Viola electronics) and was very impressed. The bass extension was quite remarkable for those 2 7" drivers, and the tweeters just sparkled. Just kept turning it up and there was no strain whatsoever. Have you made a purchase yet, and which way did you go?